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Next Full-Time Coding Bootcamp starts September 2016!

Our full-time bootcamp starts September 2016!


Start A Tech Career In Only 12 or 22 Weeks!

We teach the most in-demand skills in tech in a highly focused, collaborative classroom. You'll start your lucrative new career in 3 to 5 months.


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Coding Bootcamp: Collaborative, Project-Based Computer Programming School

We focus on your individual needs to help you find the career you’ve envisioned!

Get Certified as a Software Engineer in just 3 short months!

The course feels the way it felt to learn as a child; there are fewer fears about being successful or outperforming others, and there is a simple joy to learning something entirely new. There are no efforts to embarrass students for not knowing certain information. Rather, it is a supportive environment where everyone rejoices in each other's success. Each student has unique strengths, and the community allowed us to draw ideas from each other and solve problems more efficiently. This is probably the best possible environment in which to learn computer science.

Marilee T.

My experience in college was nice and I am grateful for my degree. But I owe a lot to We Can Code It for not only refreshing my mind in programming, but for also re-teaching me in such a positive and engaging way!


. . . if you’ve never learned this way before, be prepared to find every other education environment totally inadequate. It would take you at least two years to learn all this material in college.

Lucas Townsend

Attending the We Can Code IT boot camp was the best decision of my life. I would encourage anybody who wants to learn computer programming to attend We Can Code IT . . .

Jasmine Gheith

I am so glad I did the bootcamp and can’t believe how much both the breadth and depth of my knowledge have grown. Every person working at WCCI as well as every other student contributed to my experience.

Katie T.

Dear future bootcamper . . . If you haven't already noticed, the staff here is nothing short of amazing. Be nice to them, love them and you'll have a wonderful time here.

C.J. Ughamba

What I was unaware of when joining, was that I’d have a huge support system from the staff, I’d make new friends with my classmates, and I’d have every bit of help a person would need. Can’t keep up in class? They have tutors. Need a ride to and from class? They help you arrange that. Every problem I ever faced, I never faced alone.

RaQuel W.

I’m learning how much I like to be challenged. This program helped me understand things about myself, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have found my calling.


I’ve shadowed four Software Engineers in the past month and everything they did was right in line with my training. It’s just perfect. For the first time, I really feel like I could do anything!


No other school or program has provided me with great instructors, part-time/weekend only classes, and classmates that are not judgemental or arrogant. WCCI has been an amazing experience so far and I continue to look forward to coming to class every weekend.


I haven’t felt this hopeful for my career and life in … more than a decade. I owe it to you for your tenacious, intrepid, strong-willed and determined personality. You care, and I care about you.

Noel H.

Mel's talent and passion for coding are evident from the first day. She has a wealth of information that she enjoys sharing with the class while also allowing each individual to move at their own pace. It is a privilege to be able to learn from someone who wants to pass on her knowledge of coding and is truly invested in each student.

Kacy E.

Mel is fantastic! She is so personable and fun to have as a teacher, which really lessens the anxiety of learning something completely new. Her patience and drive is unfaltering, making it apparent that her number one goal is to make sure her students learn and have them be prepared to be the best that they can be by the end of the 12 weeks.

Barb I.

Before coming into the first day of class, I was worried that I would be the only person that didn't know ANYTHING about computer science and coding. I was relieved to know I wasn't the only one, and even if I was it would be alright. With the lessons being taught at a slow and steady rate, I was able to ask all the questions I had and get answers. Mel is the only teacher that I've had who is constantly supporting each student and helping them achieve their full potential. Each student excels in a different area, and with the way the class is set up, each student can teach and learn from one another. Joining this class was the best decision of my life because I have learned something that will help me have a career, not a job.

Jasmine G.

Mel's been my instructor in HTML and CSS . . . She has an uncanny ability to take material that some would find intimidating and difficult and make it seem easy, do-able and fun. It's clear that Mel not only knows her way around HTML but probably wrote the map! It's a pleasure to learn from her!

Mimi Plevin-Foust

Mel is an amazing woman and instructor. She has a lot of energy, a great attitude and is more than capable of juggling many things at once. She is patient and has very high emotional intelligence. Rumor has it, when she meets with employers, they want to recruit her to work for them. What does that say about her? A lot!

Noel H.

Mel has long been a true asset to the Northeast Ohio tech community, a pioneer in programming, web development, and a number of cutting-edge technologies. Her efforts through We Can Code IT exemplify how she combines her excellent organizational capabilities with the drive to share her experience with others. Just as important, she has a personal touch and an uncanny skill for taking complex subjects and presenting them in such a way as to make them comprehensible to anyone. I would not hesitate to recommend any course or seminar that Mel is leading, or approaching her for a technical problem that needs to be solved.

Robert Saint John

Time is your most valuable commodity.
Get out there and start living your new life in just a few months!


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Next Available Sessions:

Part-time starts June 28, 2016.

5 Month Part-time, Co-Ed Coding Bootcamps

Become a Certified Software Engineer and be ready for a new career as a programmer with our part-time coding bootcamp. You’ll learn to code in the evenings, Monday-Thursday, with weekly homework assignments.

Just like our full-time session where we teach you the most valuable skills needed for new programmers without all the confusion found in online only classes. You’ll meet veteran coders, employers, and experts in the field throughout the bootcamp in addition to gaining an amazing amount of skills. It culminates in a career day where you interview with employers who are looking for students just like you!

Summer-Fall  Session: June 28, 2016 – December 1, 2016

Full-time Coding Bootcamp

Full-time coding bootcamp teaches you everything you need to know, the most valuable skills, curated for you in order to find your way from newbie to certified Software Engineer in just 3 months! Throughout the session, you are introduced not only to coding, but to career and workplace advice in order to prepare you for Career Day at the end of the session where you show off your accomplishments, and meet a ton of employers who are looking for our students as IT professionals in programming, software engineering, QA, and more!

Next Session, September 2016.

Lead Instructor

Mel McGee

Mel McGee

Lead Instructor and CEO

Founder and CEO of We Can Code IT, Crain's Cleveland 2014 Woman of Note, author, and software engineer with nearly 20 years of professional experience, Mel McGee has worked with clients like Tyco International, DeLorean Motor company, and hundreds of others to develop software. Her programming experience translated to the classroom nearly as soon as she began coding.

An experienced educator, she has taught computer science and engineering subjects to kids, teens, and adults at We Can Code IT, Colleges, and even overseas. Lead educator and curriculum developer of We Can Code IT, she brings creativity into the STEM classroom through unique workshops for kids and adults. Mel's knowledge of full-stack development and over 20 programming languages allows her to adapt curriculum to students in a variety of ways. Her main objectives are to add fun and increase diversity in computer science.

Her love for sharing her creative computing techniques has not gone unnoticed. Her innovative early wearable computer was featured in Howard Rheingold's book Smart Mobs. Her web development expertise was featured in books like Curt Harler's Beyond the Browser. She has been featured on NPR, publications like Motor World, Crain's Cleveland Business, as well as the front page of Cleveland's Plain Dealer as an early Google Glass explorer. Her artificial intelligence bots, Zoe-bot and Skeletor-bot, have been entertaining the masses online and at community events since the early 2000s. She continues to break barriers in innovation with explorations in augmented reality. Her latest contribution, a book about engineering using redstone in Minecraft, is due out on bookstore shelves by mid 2015.

Her company, We Can Code IT, concentrates on motivating, mentoring, and educating people who are underrepresented in computer science and engineering. We Can Code IT has coding bootcamps for adults, and computer science / computational thinking workshops for kids. Our goal is to empower underrepresented populations in technology, and help low to moderate income earners make a fast and lucrative career change.

She’s married, has a daughter who is learning how to program, and two dogs who follow her everywhere they possibly can.

Get Certified As A Software Engineer & Start Your New Career!

We focus on  helping low to moderate income earners find fast paths to lucrative new careers in IT as Certified Software Engineers, including three of the top five in-demand careers:

  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • Computer / Programmer Analysts.